The tradition of the St. Michael’s Choir Boys in Gmünd goes back to 1956. The motto “Sing for the glory of God, for your joy and for the joy of mankind” has not changed until today. However, the Gmünd choir boys also suffered greatly from the forced break due to the Corona pandemic and were temporarily unable to implement this motto. The musical director Moritz Tempel, who has been setting the tone for the Michaelschorknaben since 2019, was all the more pleased that it was again possible to have both a choir concert in the hall and a performance in the minster on the weekend.For this purpose, special musical guests came to Gmünd: the St. Martin’s Choir Boys from the Upper Swabian town of Biberach. This full-voiced boys’ choir is somewhat “younger” than the Gmünd choir boys, having been founded in 1962, but can refer to the tradition of boys’…

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